Redefining the payday loan product

As a general rule of liberal capitalist economy, stiff competition between enterprises results in better and more services for an average consumer. More deals, attractive rates and promotions are the tools that companies employ to move a consumer base in their favour. But, such tactics are short-lived and cannot replace a positive image of a brand. Customer loyalty is ensured when a brand offers impeccable service and distinctiveness in delivery. These brand building measures as compared to marketing gimmicks establish a company as a big challenge to other similar service providers and hence a potential market leader.

Similarly, in payday lending, various lenders try to entice their customers, through flashy websites and unproven claims, to take out a loan with them. But a responsible payday lender, with an objective to become a market leader, will usually reward a loyal customer through consistently good service delivery, affordable loans and flexible repayment plans.

Lending Stream aims to achieve exactly the same. We aim to take the lead of the payday lending industry, which is viewed with skeptic eyes, by establishing high standards of legal compliance, data security measures, and providing innovative payday products to meet your needs.

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